Day 1

9:30 Meeting our guides at Sennan at izumi sunagawa Station (~40 minute train ride from Tenoji Station in Osaka).

10:00 Arrival in Toyomis Temple. Meet and greet with the Head Monk of the Monastery.

10:30 Demonstration and wearing of traditional Samurai clothing. This will take place in Samurai wing of the Monastery.
You’ll get to wear authentic Samurai apparel and your guide will give you a thorough
understanding of the production and purpose of each item that the Samurai wore.

11:30 Tour of Toyomi Temple. During this guided tour, you will be shown the daily
practices and rituals of the monks living at the temple and gain an insight into how
Buddhism is practiced in Japan.

12:00 we will head up to the mountain for lunch in an Edo period village. After lunch we’ll dive into Bushido – ”The Way of the Warrior” and experience what life was like for the Samurai warrior in terms of weapons use and their honor code.

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Zen and Meditation Study

14:30 Samurai Sword Practice. Learn the Katana sword techniques of the Samurai warrior.
Hold genuine, expertly crafted Samurai swords and learn about how they are made and their importance to the Samurai warrior.

19:00 Dinner

21:00 Shower and free time.

22:00 Lights Out


Day 2

5:20 Wake up

6:00 Morning prayer with the monks

6:30 Prepare breakfast

8:00 Further Zen meditation study in full Samurai clothing.

9:00 Test of the Katana (sword) training.

10:15 Special visit the nearby temple built for the Tokugawa Shogun 300 years ago.

12:30 Farewell with the monks

13:00 Escort to izumi sunigawa sation.

Points to Keep in Mind:

* Everyone will sleep in a shared room on Futons and a traditional Tatami Mat floor. The same room is used by Sumo Wrestlers when they arrive in Osaka for the annual tournament.
* Currently there is only one shower to be shared by the group and one bath tub.
*If a member of the group is not interested in the Katana lessons, other activities such as a
traditional Japanese tea ceremony or Japanese Flower Arrangement (Ikebana) may be
arranged. Please note however that this service must be booked in advanced and can not
always be provided.
*No alcohol or illicit drugs may be consumed on the tour
*Respect your fellow tour attendees and the monks in the temple
*The Sumo stage located on the first floor of the temple is NOT to be climbed on

Ready to become a samurai?

Send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can with full details about your upcoming adventure.


    Awesome samurai adventure!
    We have learned about the samurai day to day life and history, was very interesting and joyful trip. Two days of pure fun!

    Tom B

    A truly unique and special experience.
    You get to learn so much about samurai traditions and to walk their shoes for a short time. The guides are informative and very nice and warm.


    An authentic experience.
    You get to learn the samurai way from a real samurai family. In addition, you live and learn the Japanese manner and eat delicious traditional Japanese food. Highly recommended. 

    Yarden S

    One of the highlights of my trip.
    I had a wonderful time. It’s an authentic experience. If you want to learn about the the samurai tradition by real samurais this is the place for you.
    The temple and the area are beautiful without any tourists in sight.

    Alon R
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