Become a samurai and join us on a journey into the life & world of Samurai warriors in ancient Japan

Tokubetsu Japan offers a one of a kind opportunity to join a temple of Samurai warrior monks and live with them for 36 hours. During this time you will get a hands-on experience living the life of Samurais in Ancient Japan. 

Learn the Art of the Katana

Join us on a trip to the past and experience wearing real Samurai clothing within the Sennan Monastery.
Practice swordsmanship and learn specific sword fighting techniques from a sensei who’s a direct descendant of a Samurai family.

Experience Zen Meditation

Experience authentic Zen mediation techniques from a Buddhist monk who will teach you how to clear your mind from any obstructions and discover real tranquility.

Stay in a Beautiful Temple

Sleep in an centuries old beautiful temple and understand what day to day life meant for a Samurai and what sacrifices it may take on their personal lives.

Enjoy Japanese Food with local Monks

Learn to cook & eat traditional Japanese food of the Edo period. Make Udon noodles from scratch together with the monks and enjoy it hot in the winters or cold in the summers.

For dinner we’ll have a Sohei Nabe which is a traditional Samurai hot pot which was specially made for the samurais before they went into battle.

Meet your sensei

Toshiyuki yoshizuka
grand master of Iai Battodo

Born and raised at Samurai house in southern Osaka. A grand master of Iai Battodo (抜刀術) “the craft of drawing out the sword”.
He owns a dojo in Sennan City and often teach in dojos across Japan.

Featured several times on national and international TV he promotes Bushido culture in the Kansai area on behalf of Osaka and Sennan city.

Hideyuki yoshizuka
master of iai battodo

Born in 1998 he started practicing the art of the sword from a young age under the guidance of his father Toshiyuki.
He participated in several national martial arts contests in Japan and won medals several times including the gold medal in 2017 in Traditional Sword Kata. Today he’s one of several warrior Jodoshu monks of Shinyuji temple.


Day 1

9:30 Meeting our guides

10:00 Meet and greet with the Head Monk of the Monastery.

10:30 Changing into traditional Samurai clothing.

11:30 Special Tour of Toyomi Temple

12:00 Visit a nearby Edo period mountain village

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Zen and Meditation Workshop

14:30 Samurai Sword Practice with genuine swords

19:00 Dinner

21:00 Shower and free time.

22:00 Lights Out

Day 2

6:00 Morning prayer with the monks

6:30 Breakfast

8:00 Further Zen meditation study in full Samurai clothing

9:00 Test of the Katana (sword) training

10:15 Special visit the nearby temple built for the Tokugawa Shogun 300 years ago

12:30 Farewell with the monks


Awesome samurai adventure!
We have learned about the samurai day to day life and history, was very interesting and joyful trip. Two days of pure fun!

Tom B

A truly unique and special experience.
You get to learn so much about samurai traditions and to walk their shoes for a short time. The guides are informative and very nice and warm.


An authentic experience.
You get to learn the samurai way from a real samurai family. In addition, you live and learn the Japanese manner and eat delicious traditional Japanese food. Highly recommended.

Yarden S

One of the highlights of my trip.
I had a wonderful time. It’s an authentic experience. If you want to learn about the the samurai tradition by real samurais this is the place for you.
The temple and the area are beautiful without any tourists in sight.

Alon R

Ready to Become a Samurai?

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